January 14, 2015

Best Dupe for Bioderma: Byphasse Micellaire Water

Honestly the best dupe I have found for the Bioderma Micellaire Water. This is the Byphasse Micellaire Water and it is amazing! I actually find this is gentler on my skin than Bioderma because sometimes with Bioderma, even when I use the one for sensitive skin, it still stings a little and this literally just felt so good and my skin also didn't feel tight afterwards. 

The best part of this micellar water is that it is literally a fraction of the price. I got it from Chemist Warehouse for $4.99 for 500mL, now if that's not a bargain, I don't know what is! So, get on it ladies! Let me know what you all think if you can get your hands on it!

December 17, 2014

Hello World!

Long time no blogging! I have been super busy with work and just with life at the moment :) I did go on a holiday to Paris and I'll try and post up some photos soon just because I do have a few days off next week and I do want to get back into my blogging routine! I actually still have my list of things that I wanted to do for the blog which I haven't done, bad blogger, bad!

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good lead up to the holidays!

October 11, 2014

At Last!

Just to update you guys on the house situation, we found a beautiful rental that is pet friendly and we have just moved in! Still buying furniture at the moment so there won't be any home posts going up any time soon, although, normal posts will be going up very soon! I've been trying out an great makeup remover which is affordable but makes my skin feel amazing. If anyone wants to keep updated on what I'm doing, please feel free to follow me on Instagram @phoebelimanta just because that is the one medium I am always, ALWAYS, on :)

Here's a photo of Zeus though, look at how big he's getting!


September 4, 2014

Quick Update

Hello my lovely ladies! I am still here, I am still alive (barely!) and I promise you all that I will be back! At the moment I'm just busy trying to find a rental home for the hubs and I and it has been super stressful trying to figure out where we should stay and it's also super rare to find a rental that is pet friendly. To top it all off... I have a month to find this magical house so.... go me! As soon as everything calms down, I will be coming back with regular posts as I have actually resigned from MAC as well just because my own business is flourishing, which is kinda good but kinda bad at the same time. I miss you all and I will be back soon! 

August 17, 2014

RAW Beauty Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of working with Ella Dilber and Jeremy Choh last week for a super quick impromptu photoshoot and it resulted in some of the most beautiful photos I've ever done. Ella's face was perfection and as always, Jeremy is amazing :)

Makeup & Hair: Phoebe Limanta